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Staff Reorg & Restructure


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You're going to be seeing a massive change to this community. We're facing up to the fact that trying to maintain the RageMP server has been a misguided effort and distracting us from the development of the Alt-V server. While we hoped that we'd be able to do both so that people could start their stories and have a fun place to roleplay, it's become obvious that we should focus on the Alt-V server exclusively.

The RageMP server will be taken down but the database will remain intact so that when the Alt-V server comes online, your characters, possessions, vehicles or properties will be saved and intact... just as you left them.

As part of this effort, the staff will be reorganized. The reorganization will be aimed at ensuring that staff positions are held by people who are fully motivated to maintain their positions. Every level of staff is affected by this reorganization. It is not aimed at anyone. No one "didn't meet standards". It is occurring across the board.

Until now, positions were mainly given to people with experience but the people were chosen because they were well-known to us... they are friends. It is better for everyone if staff positions were filled by people who were willing to demonstrate their ability to contribute and remain involved. This takes the stress off of people who may be maintaining their positions because they don't want to let friends down and it helps to ensure the project moves forward.

Since the server will be down, the current needs of the community are for the staff team to be comprised of people who can moderate the Discord and Forums. Anyone who was on the staff team will be allowed the opportunity to apply and re-join. At the same time, people who have not been on our staff team will have the same opportunity to join.

This is a big change and that's sure to create a lot of questions. As always, we'll maintain as much transparency as we can and answer everything we can. Surely, an early question would be whether this means we can present a due date for the Alt-V server and I can tell you that this was discussed but, at this point, we don't have a release date to reveal... but we feel it will come much sooner with these changes in place than it would have otherwise.

Big changes can be scary. It's only natural to feel some apprehension but we hope you'll understand and accept that the changes are aimed at strengthening to community, providing the best product we can in the timeliest way we're able. Thanks for reading.