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"Sit-In" Podcast Q&A

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Hopefully, this will kick things off.... I kinda know the answers to some things but if I didn't, I'd want to know:

What sort of scripted jobs will there be?

How will we avoid turning the game into a grind-fest?

What time zone is the server going to be set to?


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How many admin reports does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
Are we getting character stats?
How are we going to differentiate characters through their stats if we get any? :D


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How does the economy work? Is an item created by the player executing an X amount of tasks (script) or are the items "spawned"? Per example, if one's to buy a soda from a gas station did someone had to go to the soda factory and bring it to the station? Or is that simply spawned as the server acknowledges NPCs? What about more "high-end" items like weapons, drugs, other paraphernalia?

What would you consider to be what stands out the most when to compare this server with other's that already exist? I mean, scriptwise/philosophy-wise/Anything really. Because I feel like since the days of LS-RP we've been using that server as a reference for what's considered to be "good" RP in GTA and going along with the same guidelines/rules just with different tones, is this server going to change that or are we looking at a more LS-RP experience like experience? Not that there's nothing wrong with it, ofc.
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