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[GUIDE] Let's play LS-V! [step-by-step]

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Day 1

Right, Hi! It's your friendly neighborhood fat-ass, username and today I'll be showing you how to join the adventures of Los Santos V.

This guide will be starting from a /FRESH/ installed game, nothing else! If you have mods installed in the game, you may face issues, so we will be doing it from a clean installation.

If you are an advanced user, you can probably skip to where it suits you the best. If you are not an advanced user, use either this topic, or #support on discord for help, it will be provided!

Lets begin!

First, browse to this website: https://wiki.rage.mp/index.php?title=Getting_Started_with_Client

To make sure the right things are installed, download the following things from that site.
*Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
*.NET Framework 4.6.2

Once that is installed or a confirmation of said installation, you can proceed to download the RageMP client. You can find a direct download link here
(Official link updated 14th May 2019)
Or do it the oldschool way, by browsing to the site here: https://rage.mp/ and click the shiny red button, not something you should do everywhere!

After installing the client, you need to add a text file, to enable clientside C#, into the ragemp installation, in my case it's C:/RageMP.
In that folder, you need to make the text file, called "enable-clientside-cs.txt"
If you don't have those enabled, the file should be called "enable-clientside-cs".

After making that text file, you can now connect to the server.

Side info: To make things go smoother, And to reduce the stress on the game server it self, you can (optional) download all the DLC packs, script files and what not from a compiled .rar file by following this link; http://dl.ls-v.com
Three links are present, they all contain the same package, pick what ever!
When the download is done, you'd need to unrar(unzip) the folder into the following map structure.
Installation drive\RageMP\client_resources\
In my case, it's "C:\RageMP\client_resources\"
It should look like this

At this point, you should be ready to start the game!
Open the Rage launcher, click direct connect and connect to the following IP:
When you first connect, you will be standing on a corner, bald, weird clothing and black/white shoes, no fear! At this point, if it's the very first connection you've made or the server has been updated with larger files recently, you are currently in the middle of downloading the server files, client scripts and DLC packs. Indications are showen in the bottom right hand corner!

When it comes to the moment, where the game goes into "reloading", A black screen showing the loading screen of GTA V, you should close down the game, and restart it. If you did everything correctly, you will now be promted with the LS-V Login screen:

As it's said in the beginning, questions can be asked either here or on discord! Happy adventures!​
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