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Head of Government
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Day 1
If you're interested in being a part of any of the following aspects of government, please see below!

City Council
  • Works together to create, modify, nullify, and maintain the Municipal code to align with both requests from constituents (petitions) as well as the State Penal Code.
    • Introduces new laws to be considered and voted upon.
    • Responds to concerns of citizens within their municipal district.
    • Holds town hall meetings with citizens within their municipal district.
      • Provided vehicle for business purposes.
Department of Corrections
  • Responsible for transporting, jailing, incarcerating, rehabilitating, release of criminals to/from Bolingbroke Penitentiary.
    • Works alongside LSPD to coordinate transportation of convicted criminals to serve out sentences.
    • Responsible for maintaining safe environment for inmates.
    • Other relevant duties as development continues.
  • Handles all incoming license requests
    • Will work with city administrators to develop process for licensing.
    • Current licenses include but not limited to: Business, Firearms, Food Sales, Alcohol Sales, Miscellaneous Licensing, TBD Licensing
Courts of San Andreas
  • City Attorney
  • Court Judge(s)
  • Clerk(s)

City Press Office
  • Responsible for developing and disseminating monthly newsletter showcasing the Municipal Government.
  • Handles any/all official press releases for the Municipal Government.
  • Provides news coverage of government-sponsored events and initiatives.
City Attorney
  • Advises and represents the municipal government in all legal matters, including civil counsel, criminal prosecution, real estate transactions, and administrative proceedings.
Please note that this is being used for interest at this time. Thank you in advance for your reply!

If you have interest in Fire, Rescue, EMS feel free to reach out or search for posts by @InaneWad
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