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Development Update - March 2019

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Los Santos V


Hello Everyone.

Sorry for the delay in updates but we've been working very hard in the background. I'm reluctant to post many updates as things are subject to change, as well as other servers trying to copy our ideas and features. As our community comes first, I thought I should show our progress with you.

Base System
Our base system is pretty much complete, this will obviously be changing as our systems develop, I'll only briefly describe each system as we are still going strong on development.

Character System
Our base is in for the character system, we have our creation process in for the characters. As all the systems work with the Character System you can find more below about this.

Inventory System
Every player, vehicle or property will have an Inventory. The inventory is dependant on a number of factors, such as vehicle size. Each item that is purchased in the game is related to an Inventory Item, including Properties and Vehicles. You are able to exchange items between players, dropping them on the ground or even placing them inside Dumpsters.

Vehicle System
We have completed about 80% of the vehicle system. I'll go over the mod system in the next section. Each vehicle will be bought from a dealership (If bought new of course), each dealership has the ability to be created, updated or deleted in-game by an Administrator. We also have the ability to add, remove or update vehicle's and their prices in the game. This means we can simulate vehicle buy and demand, this means you can buy a vehicle one day and sell it for more the next if it's not available at a dealership or has increased in price, including the ability to lose money on a vehicle. Vehicles also have a unique lock ID or the barrel code, as per real life. Meaning you have specific keys for vehicles. Most servers look at the owner and give you access based on this, however, if your key matches the current lock code, you are able to unlock the vehicle. This means owners can go to hardware stores and get new keys cut and rent vehicles for a price or offer free keys out to friends to drive that prized possession.

Vehicle Mod System
Our vehicle mod system is about 80% complete with a few changes to be implemented on how the systems will work. Each vehicle has predefined mod names within GTA, we are able to pick these up and use them in-game, allowing us to create mod names the same as single player. We have RGB vehicle colours (Both Color 1 and Color 2) meaning we have 16,777,216 different colour options. We are also looking to implement this in for headlights as well. Once a mod item is bought, you are required to head to someone with a mechanic role (More on these roles coming at another date) to get the item fitted. No more automatically fitting mods to your vehicles.

Property System
Each House and Business fall under a Property, with a different type. This means we don't need two commands doing the same thing. As the vehicle system, each property will have a unique lock, allowing owners to install new locks and duplicate keys to give out to players. With this method, we are changing how the traditional rent systems work by allowing players to decide everything. Players can now rent a room out to a player for free and charge another player an amount. We also have an inventory system on properties, the owners will get an inventory at a location they choose and have the option to give out another set amount of Inventories that can be accessed to the player who they grant permission too.

Faction System
We have split our Faction System into two main groups. Business and Factions. Businesses will be more for IC purpose, a group of players running a few properties or an IC business and a faction will be able to access specialized commands for that faction's type (LSPD can access LEO commands for example). Each faction and business has the ability to create a large number of ranks for their factions and each rank has the option of three extra permissions to help manage the faction. These include the ability to create new ranks, update a players rank or invite/uninvite a member. These can be selected one at a time or all three, meaning if you want specific ranks to invite they're able to do this. A division system is also in, meaning that for factions such as the LSPD, players can be assigned to a subdivision to help identify more about that character.

Time & Weather System
We have a unique weather system, with the ability to select a real-world location and mimic this in-game. We are aiming to follow Los Angeles weather but this can be changed by an Administrator for specific events that require different weather. We are also changing how the time system works, instead of following a set server time (Normally the host's server time) we are going to be using a 2x day-night cycle, allowing players from all different timezones and locations to experience day/night time cycles and help increase the variety of roleplay a player gets during a day.

We are adding in custom DLC's to the game, this allows us to create unique vehicles in the game, allowing more variety for everyone. As well as unique objects to increase the mapping objects around the game and also custom clothing.

Thank you for reading this brief development update. I would love to hear your suggestions on our forums so we can help shape the server to how everyone would like it to be!

Suggestion Forum
We hope you enjoy this development update and we hope to bring them you more frequently.

Los Santos V Management
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